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Welcome to the Fit Hub Community

United by a love of health and fitness; Hannah and Lucy formed the Fit Hub Community to bring positivity and support to women on their health and fitness journey.

We inspire busy women to live a healthy lifestyle free of fad diets and over-exercising and better still our unique method allows women to achieve this in a simple and accessible way. 

Escape the negative cycle and begin your positive fitness journey with us!



We’ll give you the confidence to take on new challenges and free your mind from food and body worries.

Join our community of incredible women for incredible support and motivation!


We all know which foods are most nutritionally beneficial for us but we’ll show you how to juggle healthy eating around a busy lifestyle. Should your goal be weight loss we will show you how to lose weight without giving up your favourite foods.



Our approach to fitness is designed to fit in with everyday living. We know that you don’t have hours to dedicate to the gym each week. Our workouts are designed to be done at home and take no more than 30 minutes, 4 times a week.  


ReaDY to take your fitness to the next level? 

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Welcome to an online membership site like no other.

We don’t just sell you a fitness programme and send you on your way. Membership to the Fit Hub gives you access to two personal trainers with weekly LIVE workouts.


Choose from 4 structured programmes designed for your fitness level, complete with written guides and follow-along videos. Try:

Kick Start At Home – an at home workout created for those looking to kick-start their fitness journey, ideal if you are new to fitness or have taken a break. Including high energy circuits which you can complete from the comfort of your own home. No equipment required.

Strength & Tone At Home -create muscle tone and definition using our at home workout guide.

Run Strong – training for a race? We’ve got distance training programmes, strength and conditioning workouts specific for runners, nutrition guidance for runners and mindet techniques

Mornings & Mindset– 10 home workouts, 4 delicious recipes and tips and techniques to help you transform your mornings to become more productive.


All of the programmes and resources are available for free as part of the membership.

As a Member you’ll join a group of women who are juggling work and family life. We’ll teach you our tried and proven methods to fuel and move your body in the simplest and easiest way to get you results. Whether you want to tone up or lose weight the Membership Site is for you.

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You will find health & fitness tips, challenges, and advice direct from Hannah & Lucy along with continued support from your community peers.

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